Tall Baby Gate for Dogs and Kids

About this product.

If you have pets at home then you must need some of the gadgets to have a safe and happy dog in your home. Today we are here with another trending product which can be used at home for many purposes. Extra tall gate for dogs and kids with wide 2 way door. Which can help you in the safety of your kids or kids from stairs and other places in home which are restricted for dogs and kids. It can be placed at fit doorways , stairs and entryways. It is tall and has a door of 29.7″- 46″ Width. Which can stop kids and pets from coming and they cannot even climb it. 

This is the product of famous brand Cumbor which is known for making quality products. This tall gate is made up of high quality metal which is rust resistant and a strong long lasting product. It comes in white color but we can repaint it according to the home color theme. This tall gate is helpful and safe for cats, dogs and kids. The dimensions of this product are  1.27 x 46 x 36 inches. It is a very light weight product about 16 pounds. 

More details

  • This baby gate for stairs and entryways boasts a much taller 36” height and adjustable 29.7” to 46” width to keep bigger toddlers, puppies, or dogs from climbing over or accessing areas they don’t need to be.
  • Two way access is the main feature of the product. 
  • There is a lock on the top of the door for safety.
  • It can swing in both directions up to 90 degrees. 
  • The added safety feature is the automatic closure.
  • Impact protection against children or pets leaning or resting against the frame, which makes them ideal for large Huskies, Labradors, or tall dogs.
  • It is very easy and quick to install this product.
  • The recommended places are above or below stairs, in doorways, along hallways and in open spaces. 

Product description. 

The Cumbor dog gate is made of high quality carbon steel which is lightweight and stronger than other gates. This can block bigger, larger and heavier dogs. It is a tall gate. We can use it for multipurpose as child safety. The design of the gate is smart and looks attractive when placed in the home. The gapless gate is safe and secure with a lock on the door.


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