T-fal Deep Fryer with Basket

About this product.

Here is another exciting product for the kitchen we have today. The deep fryer with basket. This deep fryer will help us to make french fries and the chicken wings, other than that we can fry anything in it quickly. This fryer is an electric product which can be operated on 110 volts. This is a stainless steel product, which is in silver color. The dimensions of the products are 18.3″D x 13.7″W x 14.8″H.

It is a very light weight product like 16.5 pounds and the oil capacity is 3.5 liters which is much for frying some food. 

More details about product

This deep fryer is a very powerful electric device which is used in the kitchen for frying some food, french fries and chicken wings are the most famous for which this is used. We can make any food in it with fry which will make it easier. There is a basket with it which can hold the food and makes it easy to take it out from the oil. It comes with an oil filter from which we can get filtered oil  and can use it again. The food made in the fryer gives the delicious taste and professional cooking experience to you.

It is so easy to clean it in just 3 steps by hand. Filtration of the oil in this fryer is very unique and gives the oil for further use. 

In the box we get the deep fryer with the handled basket. 

Product description.

This deep fryer is a very amazing product on the internet to buy. It can be used for deep cooking many foods. And it is very easy to clean it. The material of the fryer is of the best quality of stainless steel which makes it long lasting for the years. There is enough space in the fryer to fry a number of foods for your guests and family. We can adjust the temperature of oil by a button on the top of. It’s time to make your kids happy by frying french fries and wings for them with the delicious taste. 

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