Portable Cat Cage Kennel

About this product.

Cats are the most loved pet in the world. Most of the people have cats at their home and they are always in search of some gadgets which can help them in many ways. On this website we have multiple pet products which can help you in caring of your loved pet. Today we have a new trending product which can help you in travelling or taking your pet out with you in your vehicle. This is called a large pop open kennel, portable cat cage kennel. an amazing product with features like waterproof pet bed, travel litter and much more.

This is the product of known brand Sport Pet which is famous for making such pet products. With their best quality material and safety. This large cat cage kennel is portable and foldable which can help us in travelling and taking out pets on drive. This is made of high quality fabric with dimensions 45.25″L x 17.25″W x 18.75″H and lightweight product about 6 pounds. The bed inside it is waterproof and helps in travel litter collection.

More details.

  • It can be placed on the back seat of the car.
  • There is a gate entry on each side of the cage.
  • Includes an adjustable security leash for clipping to a harness.
  • It is very easy to clean the cage.

Product description 

SportPet Large Car kennel is convenient and comfortable for both you and your small pet. The straps are there for secure transportation. have a road trip with your friend. It is comfortable for your cat to travel in this cage. It is specially designed by experts for cars. 

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