Philips Hue Play lights

About this Product.

What an amazing product to have in our homes. Here we have Philips hue play white and color smart light which can be used for many purposes at home. As it is a smart device with the latest technology it has the feature of voice control in which we can ask him for other operations. We can change the color and the level of the light by just voice command. 

The brand of the product is Philips which is the famous brand of electric appliances All over the world. We can use it indoors in our house and office for any occasion and casually. 

It comes in the best quality material of synthetic polymer in black color body. Dimensions are ‎9.97″L x 1.74″W x 1.41″H which is the compact design we have. It is a very lightweight product 2.36 pounds and operates at 6.7 watts.

More features.

  • It is a voice controlled device which we can control by voice commands. And able to manage the power and the color of light.
  • This is an amazing light which you can use in the office and home anywhere. It gives an attractive look. Brightness of light can be controlled. 
  • You can place the lights back on the TV which gives an amazing environment. 
  • There is an adopter which gives power to it.
  • It is very easy to use and install this light with the help of a power supply.
  • Make your home décor more modern with this product. 

What’s in the box

There are 2 Philips hue play bar lights and 1 power supply in the box.

The compact design lights are amazing creations which can be used on different events at home. It can be mounted. 

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