Pet Safe Crystal Cat Litter Tray refill

About this product.

We all love pets and want to have them in our homes. But it is very important to have them with care, which is important for the pets and our health. Today we have an amazing product for cats that is pet safe scoop free crystal cat litter tray refills. Cats are the most loved pet we have. This can help us in caring for cats. All scents are premium blue, lavender, sensitive for Scoop free self cleaning cat litter boxes. With the help of this product less mess and odor in our home. 

Pet safe is a brand known for making pets products. This cat litter is made up of high quality plastic. It is a very lightweight product of 18 pounds. This product is specially designed for cats. It is very easy and quick to clean this product automatically. Simply you need to do when it’s time to clean it just remove the litter tray and throw it out all done. 

More details of the product.

  • This can help to remove the unpleasant odors from the cat waste. This litter absorbs urine and dries solid quickly to remove odors.
  • This is the long lasting product one tray can last up to 1 month. Which is helpful in the cleaning.
  • This can help in league the tray is high quality material with barriers which protects the floor from the leakage. 
  • These crystals are non-stick so you don’t need to clean the floor again and again with the cat’s footprints. 
  • This tray can be cleaned with the help of a litter box you just need to put the box and remove off the cleaned tray.
  • This is a quality product which can help you to have a cat in your home with care.

Product description.

It comes in the pack of 3 and 6 units. With the premium quality blue crystals which are prefilled. These crystals are non-stick which is the best feature which can help you to have a clean floor. This  is self cleaning with the box. You just simply can throw the crystals and cats mess out. Crystals are free of perfumes and dyes which are best for sensitive cats. 

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