Pet Exercise Pen with Door

About this product.

Here we have an amazing product for dogs at home. If you are a dog lover and have a dog at home then you must have this product for you dog. Dog playpen which is actually a pet exercise pen with a door. This is the product for dogs to have an exercise and plating area which comes with a door lock. It is the very best quality product. We can place this product indoors where we want to have a dog. 

The IRIS brand is known for making quality products. This dog playpen comes in high quality plastic which is long lasting. There is a door in it with a lock. The dimensions are 35.13 x 35.13 x 23.75 inches, it is a lightweight product about 11 pounds. It comes in different sizes and you can select your required size from the menu. 

More detail.

  • This is the best product of IRIS which allows a dog to exercise and play with the door. 
  • It comes in 4 panels but we can increase the panels according to our need.
  • It is a portable product which provides a big space to your dog.
  • It is very easy to assemble the playpen without any tool.
  • Because of its high quality material it is safe for dogs and durable long lasting playpen.

Product descriptions. 

This panel based exercise playpen with a door is good for puppies. Dogs are happy to play and have a good time. Use it as an indoor playpen. It provides 8 square feet of space to your dog. We can expand it by adding more panels. 

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