Pet Door for Dogs and Cats

About this product.

Today we have a new amazing product for pets. We all have pets at home like cats or dogs. So we need some product to handle pets with care. Petsafe plastic pet door for dogs and cats is the product for you. This can be placed outdoors from where pets can come in and out of the home easily without disturbing you. This door is made up of hard plastic which is long lasting and durable. It is the best product we must have at our door for dogs and cats.

Petsafe is a known brand for making pet products. They always make the products with high quality. Which is safe and durable. This door is tinted and can be painted according to our needs. It comes in different sizes. You can select the size according to your pet. It is very easy to install the door. The dimensions of the door are  12.5 x 1.8 x 19.8 inches with very lightweight 4 pounds. 

More details.

  • Give freedom to your pet by this door through which they can go out and come back easily.
  • They can take a break for potty and playtime outdoors.
  • 4 different sizes are there which can be used for dogs of size up to 220 pounds .
  • You can lock it to control your pet’s access to the outdoors.
  • This can be painted. We can paint it by any color according to our home décor.
  • It is very easy to install it on any material door.
  • Petsafe ensures the quality of their products.

Product description.

You can place this door at your door to keep your dog and cat at ease. This door can help pets to go out on an immediate basis for potty. Or they can go out to play without disturbing you. There is also a lock on it which you can control the door letting him out. This is a very helpful product which must be there on our door if we have pets.

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