Outdoor Heated or Unheated Kitty House

About this product.

Today we are here with another amazing and very stylish product for your cat. If you are a cat lover and have a cat at home then this is the best product for your cat. We all love to have our own home like us pets also love having their homes or shelter. This is the best heated or unheated kitty house. Your cat loves his/her home. We can place it anywhere indoor or outdoor at home. 

This is the product of the famous brand K&H Pet which is known for making many products for pets. All the products are high quality and unique designed by professionals. This kitty home or cat shelter is made up of polyester. Different colors are there in it. It has many features but the main is you can have 2 types of shelter heated and unheated. It is a very lightweight product of 6 pounds. And it has a very compact design with dimensions are 22 x 18 x 17 inches.

More details of the product.

  • This cozy’s heated house is the best choice for your car to live outdoors with protection.
  • We can place this outdoors for community cats or street cats.
  • It is a weather resistant home which can keep the cat  warm in winters. Cats of all shapes and sizes can use this amazing product.
  • We can place the foam as a bed for the cat inside it. 
  • It is  a heated shelter which can be warm even at 0 degree temperature.
  •  This is a nice cat cave with a cat warming pad inside.
  • K&H is a known brand for making pet quality products with the latest features

Product description.

The K&H kitty house is the best choice for our pets. With the feature of heated and unheated. It is the safest product you have for your cat. Which can make your cat live outdoors with comfort. K&H uses the best quality martial in their product which is long lasting and secure. 

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