Meal Dog Food Dispenser

About this product.

If your dog is not feeding well and you are worrying about it, we have a solution for feeding your dog in a manner. Today we have an amazing and trending dog product called a dog food dispenser. This dispenser will help you to provide 5 meals to your dog. Storage for up to 5 cups of kibble or treats of any size. This is an automatic dispenser which rotates according to user programming to deliver pre-planned meals at precise time. 

This product of Petsafe is made up of high quality plastic material. Which is a long lasting and strong product. It is especially designed for dogs and cats, very stylish and modern looking device which is attractive. Comes in the dimensions of 12.63 x 4.44 x 16 inches, with a light weight of 4 pounds. 

More details.

  • It is a smart dispenser which works automatically by the program set by the user to provide the food according to time. 1 meal is ready to serve and other 4 meals are scheduled to be served at the time programmed.
  • There are 5 cups in the feeder and the total capacity of food is  5 cups. 
  • It is best for small and medium size pets.
  • If your dog is a fast eater then this is a helpful product for him.
  • We can control the feeder by the panel on it. We can serve quick food by pressing the feed now button or we can even stop the feeding process.
  • We can schedule small meals throughout the day to keep our friend healthy.
  • It is very easy to clean the feeder. 
  • Petsafe is a famous brand providing the best quality in the market. Which is made by experts. 

Product description.

It is a smart device which can be programmed like time and the quantity of meal for dogs. It is very easy to use and helpful in feeding pets. We can clean it by removing the tray in simple steps. Load each cup meal and close the lid which feeds automatically. We can arrange 5 meals for pets. 

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