LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home

About this product

As we know today, air pollution is the main fact in our lives which is unhealthy for all of us. In pollution the only solution to it is the Levoit air purifier for home. This air purifier helps to make the air filtered and passes it in the home so we can breathe healthy air. Can use it all over the home like living room, bed room, guest room, office and other areas in the home.it removes 99.9% dust smoke pollens from the air, and gives us the purified air. This small device comes in black color and works on AC. very lightweight device of 7.48 pounds with touch control panel on it. 

Leviot air purifiers avoid using UV-C light which is harmful and polluted and the research is done by experts. It is a high performing purifier which is used to purify the air with its advanced technique. Enjoy fresh air in minutes and work on 360 degrees air intake. Ease sneezing, congestion and other allergy symptoms caused by polluted air. The HEPA filter works on the polluted air with dust, smoke and pollen and makes it to fresh air. Filter catches 99.97% of air particles and provides fresh and healthy air in the environment.  

We change the filter according to our requirement, multiple filters are available here according to our need.  There is also a filter which can be used for pet allergy. This filter can purify the air in which pets are allergic and unpleasant. This air purifier comes with the night mode in which after selection of night mode go for sleep and forget about the purifier. It is a noise free device. Design of the device is very modern and stylish. The light in the device can be off at night. Timer can also be used in it which will work automatically according to the set time. 

What’s in the box

1 x Air Purifier/ 1 x True HEPA 3-Stage Original Filter (Pre-Installed)/ 1 x User Manual / Quick Start Guide


We can choose the filter of our choice according to our needs. The original filter is the general filter which is used for normal air purification, other than that we have pet allergy filter, toxin absorber filter and smoke remover filter.

This normal filter will help to make air purify from dust and pollution. Pet allergy filter will help to remove from air unwanted ordors. Toxin absorbent filters will work on air with toxics in air like formaldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen. smoke remover will help us to remove the smokes from the air.


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