Large Metal Kitchen Garbage Bin with Soft Close Lid

About this product.

Glad stainless steel step trash can is the best product and the need of every kitchen. I found that product on the internet which is a very amazing product. It comes in the best quality of steel and is easy to use. This kitchen garbage bin is a need of the kitchen in which we can store garbage from the kitchen and then throw it out. It comes with the foot pedal from which we can open its head without touching it with our hands. 

This brand is known as Glad which makes quality products. The bin is 20 gallons in size and color of steel. Opening the bin is very easy. By stepping on it we can open it. Material is in the best quality like stainless steel. Rectangular shape gives it a look in the kitchen. Dimensions of the bin are 16.25″L x 16″W x 29″H which are very compact. 

This stainless steel large trash can is a heavy duty product with fine quality material. The outer color and the finishing is in excellent form which we can place it anywhere in home or office. 


The size of the trash can is large enough to store the waste from the kitchen and home. It comes in the size of 20 gallons. In the can there is the bag holder ring in which we can place the bag easily and take it out to trash.  

Protection of Odors:

This bin has a feature to protect you from the odors or smelly environment. The design is air tight so no smell comes out from it. 

hands free open:

It is a hands free bin which can be opened by simply pushing the open pedal by foot. And when we remove the foot from the pedal it closes automatically in a soft way. There no noise while open and close the bin.  

Trash bag:

We store extra bags in the portion given in the back of the bin. 

Other features:

There is a ring inside the bin in which we can place garbage bags and when it is filled remove the ring, take out the bag and replace it with a new bag. The outer part of the bin is stainless steel in which no print less means that there is no stain on it and it looks clean. Bag holder at the back can be used for holding extra by it. 

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