Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

About this product.

This product is specially for the coffee lovers who want to have a strong and tasty coffee. Keurig K duo coffee maker is an eclectic product which is used to make coffee. This is the best coffee maker in the store. It is very simple to use. 

The Keurig brand is known for making the best coffee machine which is a quality product. It has the capacity of 60 fluid ounces. This is the most advanced programmable device which can work smartly to make coffee. 

Some technical details.

This coffee maker is an eclectic device which can be operated with buttons on the top with a small digital screen. It comes in black color which makes it attractive in the kitchen. The dimensions of the product are 12.76″D x 10.94″W x 12.92″H. It has a very compact design and stylish coffee maker in the kitchen. Material used in this product is stoneware. It is a lightweight product about 13.2 pounds. Power required for this to operate is 110 volts. 

More details and features:

In the package we have a 12 cup glass carafe with a heating plate to keep coffee hot. There are multiple brew sizes 6,8,10,12. We can reserve coffee and the water in it. Large 60 ounce water reservoir. The reservoir is removable which makes the refilling easy. We can set the carafe to brew automatically which lasts for 24 hours. 


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