Home Fashion Night Out Elegant Sequin Ruffle Warm Luxury Comforter Bedding Set,

About this item.

Tache Home Fashion Night Out Elegant Sequin Ruffle Warm Luxury Comforter Bedding Set, Queen

This is an amazing home decor product which we can use in the bedroom. This comes in a big queen size which fits on your bed. This set includes 1 comforter, 2 pillows, 2 square pillow cases, and 1 neck roll. It comes in different ways but in this picture we have a night colour which is the best and ever favourite colour of our customers. It is suitable for all age people’s bedrooms and the most comfortable product on bed. The silver colour in the products make it more attractive. 

Which material is used?

This is a pure polyester made product which is very warm for the winter season. We can use it to make our bed warm. Polyester is known to be washed and reused. If we talk about the quality of the product it comes in imported material which is the best known quality. We don’t compromise on the quality.


The design of the bed set is focused to be used in the modern generation. This design can last for many years. Looks come with comfort and warmth. This is the best ever product which can be used all year

About washing

Shinnes of the silver colour on the comforter make it attractive and modern looks which are as slight as a disco look. Washing of this product is used to be very careful like dry cleaning is preferred for the product. Don’t use any type of chemicals, not even use iron for these products. It can harm it.

About Company

Tache Home Fashion Corp is the best online company which used to sell their products on online stores. Products of this company have a trend in  e comm. There are multiple products which are there for valued customers like quilts, blankets, bedspreads, comforters, sheets, and much more. They provide the best quality products in the online world.The other decor products are  table runner, Tablecloths, Cushion Cover and Microbead Pillows. 

Our goal is to provide our customers a large numebr  of designs with the best quality fabrics.

Product description.

How amazing is this when you come back home and enter your bedroom you see the lovely bed set. You will always sleep and wake up refreshed in this bedding set. Make your room a modern look with this designer bedding set. It is available in three different sizes.   Dimension of products 96 x 96 x 2 inches and weight is 10.75 pounds.

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