Hamster Hide-Out Large Hamster Cage

About this product.

We love to have pets at home. We are worried about them to make them comfortable at home. There are many products which can help you to keep pets at home. Today we are here with a trending product for hamsters. Most people love to have little pets in their homes like hamsters. And they want some products for them which they need. This product is called a hamster cage. It includes a free water bottle, exercise wheel, food dish and hamster hideout. This is a complete home with kits for hamsters in it. He can feed there, play there and live in the same cage.

Ferplast is a brand for making homes for hamsters. It is a famous brand for making such products. This hamster cage is made up of high quality plastic, which is a strong and long lasting product. The shape of the cage is a nest. Dimensions of the cage are 23.6″L x 11.8″W x 14.4″H which is a light weight product about 7 pounds. This cage is helpful for hamsters to live comfortably. Large hamsters can live in this cage. 


More details. 

  • This cage is 2 floors.
  •  First floor is a deep 4.75 height inches to promote playful borrowing w/ a Hamster friendly plastic ramp for easy access to the plastic top level where their food dish, water & hide away preside.
  • Fully equipped & modular designed hamster cage; Favola includes a food dish, water bottle, hide away, 5.5 inch exercise wheel & a connecting port for play tubes to connect to other hamster cages.
  • Easy Maintenance Hamster Cage: Top panel features an access door & entire wire portion & middle plastic section of the cage disconnects from the transparent base for easy cleaning access

Product description.

This cage is made for people who have hamsters in their homes. It is a very reliable place to live for hamsters. This is the complete package for hamsters. It is very easy to clean this home. 

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