Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage

About this product.

This is the best product for organizing things in a room. This shelf is amazing. I found it on the internet, which is in room décor. This is made up of wood and floor mount. It can be placed in the study room or in the kids room. This shelf comes with 11 blocks in it which can be used for storing different things. Like books, toys etc. the dimensions of the product are 9.4″D x 29.1″W x 41.7″H. Shape of the shelf is rectangular. 

This is a very simple stylish design shelf which can help us to improve our home décor, by organizing things in it. Material used in this product is of very high quality wood. It covers very low space in the room. And it is very easy to assemble it. 

Product description.

The shelf is made of wood and there are multiple colors of it available. The dimensions are the same in every color and written above. This shelf helps you to place your goods in one shelf. It will help you to make your lifestyle which organizes the room and shows you personality. 

These are some technical details:

Material > Engineered wood

Mounting> Floor mount

Room> Study room

Shelf type> Accent Shelf

No. of Shelf> 11

Product dimensions> 9.4″D x 29.1″W x 41.7″H

shape> Rectangular

Style> ‎Contemporary

Finishing> White

Size> 11 cube

Assembly requires> yes

Weight> 38.5 Pounds

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