Farmhouse Chunky Jute Area Rug

About this product.

Farmhouse Chunky Jute Area Rug is the best product which you use to improve the décor of your home. The rug is always the trend in homes, it is made of 100% JUTE. The quality of the rug is best. The standard dimension of the product is 150″L x 114″W but it comes with different sizes depending on your requirement. Jute material is used on both the up and back side. It gives the style of a farmhouse.

The material is 100% jute and pure. It comes with the best quality in rugs. Home décor is incomplete with the rug like this. We can put it on the floor of the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, guest room and entryway. Thickness of the products is about .45’’ which makes it more comfortable. This is the most trending rug in the world, used to clean your rug twice a week. The stains on it can be cleaned easily, try to clean under the rug. 

Beauty come with nature

This is the most beautiful looking rug that is made of natural jute which makes this looking classic. This is a 100% handmade product which shows the skill and handicraft which is made with the most love and care for you. Handmade rugs or products are always unique and the quality is assured. This is the perfect product for you. The home décor is complete with the rug like this handmade and the classic looks. You need to take care of this product because as we know the handmade products need to be treated with care as compared to the rug which is made by machine. 

Sizes for your home depending on the location.

Small areas like coffee tables or any other place where you put rugs under the table are the recommended size of 5’ x 8’ or 6’ x 9’. 

Large rooms require the rug of size 6’ x 9’ and 8’ x 10’ place the rug which you love to see.

Size 9’ x 12’ or larger rug is used to be placed in the Centre of a large room. 

Product description.

Bring that warm rug made of jute to your home and make the looks of your room styling and the design of your home décor modern and up to date. This rug is a product in the online world. Which completes the requirement of all the homes. The best thing is that it is handmade product which gives a classic look and quality to the product. 

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