Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

About this product.

If you’re a pet lover and have pets at home. Then you can find a product for your pet on this website. Which can help you to show your love and care to your pet. Today we have an amazing product for a pet like a rabbit. Yes if you have a garden with rabbits at home then you must have this product for you pet. Midwest homes for pets Wabbitat deluxe rabbit home kit. This is the most trending product. Pets like to have their own home or a separate space for their activities. Which can make them healthy. This rabbit home is a complete place with many features and helpful parts in it. 

Midwest homes is the brand which is making trending products for pets. For rabbits they made a high quality deluxe home with facilities. This is made up of high quality wires in the shape of a nest. Inside this home there is open and close which can be used for sleeping. There is a cup in there which can be used for feeding. The dimensions of the product are 39.5″L x 23.75″W x 19.75″H. It is a very lightweight product of 15 pounds. 

More details.

  • Rabbit cage includes feeder, water bottle, feeding bowl and elevated feeding area.
  • Rabbit cage is for all sizes of rabbits.
  • It is a very comfortable place for rabbits to live.
  • It can be used indoors.
  • Rabbit Cage features 5.5″ deep base to contain litter & convenient top / full side-door access.
  • Rabbit cage is compatible with both extensions to create an even larger living space.

Product description.

This rabbit home comes with all the necessary accessories like a feeding bowl, water bottle and open area. There is a door to enter the home easily. The stationary bowl reduces mess during meals and the elevated feeding area creates a privacy space underneath. It is very easy to clean the house by wipe.

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