Décor Grates Gothic Floor Register

About this product.

Today we have a new product which will help us in our home indoor décor. Which is used for the stylish ac/heater vents. As we all have the ventilation system in our homes whether it is for cooling or heating. We all need to make the ventilation holes to be seen good in our home. These vents will help us to make holes more stylish and use to make our décor perfect at home. Décor grates floor register makes our home decorated. 


These products come in the pack of 8. All are in black colour. This gothic design steel plated floor register in black finish. The size of the floor register is  4″ x 10″ fixes on the open holes or duct. These dimensions are for the open to the floor. There is some plastic material used in the damper which will help it to be saved from rust and make it good looking. 

This floor register is very easy to install and maintain. Cleaning is so simple, just simply wiping will clean it.  

Product description.

This pack of 8 décor grates and in amazing design will help you to décor indoor. The black plated floor grates look very good, and easy to clean. Installation and operation is too easy. 

Weight of the grates is 9.40 pounds, dimensions are 11.5 x 5.45 x 1.39 inches, textured is black, it comes in packs of 8 and the material is plastic and steel.

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