Deco 79 Ceramic Fruit Pear Sculpture

About this product

As this product is the home décor that is used to be placed on the table. There are many products that are used for the home décor but when it comes on the trending the Deco 79 Ceramic Fruit Pear Sculpture is the modern design to be used for homes. It comes in different colors which make the contrast of the home. It looks very attractive at home.

This deco 79 comes with an electric play light in it which works on 12 watts. Red color in it is our most favorites’ color. The finishing on it is very glossy which reflects from a distance and makes it glow. 

Make your home more stylish and modern with the décor products, which gives more attraction to your guests and you. 

This is the glamorous product in your home. The glitter and sparkle reflections show its style. 

As we are talking about the home décor as shown in the picture it is the most amazing décor piece with unique style and color. Glowing features gives more attraction. Leaf on the top gives it a more realistic face. 

There are many other décor products at our shop which make you creative. All the products are with high quality and modern designs.

Colors sizes and themes.

There are a number of colors in it like red, multi, gold. And the sizes are 12\”L x 12\”W x 16\” , 18\”L x 10\”W x 11\”H, 19\”L x 10\”W x 9\”H, 8\”L x 8\”W x 19\”H, S/2 8\”, 6\”H. Theme we have is glam and traditional. 

Product description.

Make you home decorated by this ceramic red pear. This is the finest pear you have in your house. The quality is amazing and the condition has been excellent for years. Place it on top of the table at your home. The glossy finish in it makes eye contact with it. It gives your home a modern and stylish look. We can use this product in our office or at work space. Try to wipe it 2 to 3 times in a week with wet cloth that will maintain its glow. You can gift it to your someone special. This must be the best gift for anyone. 


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