Clean Step Cat Litter Box Dome

About this product.

If you have a home and want products for her then you are at the right place where you can get many products for pets. Here we have a new product which is specially designed for cats. Petmate booda clean step cat litter box dome. Which is an indoor litter box for cats. it is a very helpful product for you. if you have a cat at home. Cats can use it easily and need to be trained once. 

Petmate is the brand for making such products with quality material. This litter box can come in the large size with dimensions 22.5″L x 22.5″W x 19″H. And weighs 22 pounds. It is very easy to clean this litter box. The colour brushed nickel. 

More details. 

  • Keep the litters in the box which can help in the home. This box is 50% larger than other boxes.
  • Litter scatter can clean the paws of cats.
  • It can minimise the odors by its charcoal filter which keeps your house fresh and clean. 
  • Made with the best quality recycled material.
  • It is for all sizes of pets.
  • it is very easy to clean the box.
  • You can use litter of your choice. 

Product description.

This is an amazing litter box which is important to have at home if you have a pet. It is a combo for both kitty and cat butler.  Prevent scatter and tracking with an enclosed dome design, perfect for kitty’s privacy.  Its ramp not only contains scatter, but also minimizes tracking and overflow.

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