Ball Launchers for Dogs

About this product. 

We all have pets at home and we love to play with them. Playing with a dog is very important for his health. Which makes him active and in happy mode. Here we have a trending product which is very helpful for you to play with dogs. This is an iFetch interactive ball launcher for dogs. Yes a ball launcher which can keep your dog active and make him happy. Playing is as important for the health of humans as well as for pets. Dog can play by himself with this ball launcher which can work automatically. When the ball is thrown, dogs run to catch and return to the launch. He can put the ball in the back side of the launcher which will throw it again. 

iFetch is the brand which is famous for making this type of playing products for pets. This is the best sport for dogs catching the ball. Before we were doing it manually but now with the help of this launcher it is very easy for dogs to run to catch the ball. It can be used for all breed dogs. This is a smart product which is portable. Dimensions of the product are 11.02 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches with a very lightweight product 6 pounds. 

More details.

  • This is a toy for pets which can hold 3 balls and can launch them one by one. 
  • We can use balls of other sizes in it.
  • Don’t try to put a dirty or wet ball.
  • This is an automatic ball thrower.
  • It can help in the physical and mental health of dogs.
  • We can adjust the distance of the ball drop on it which will throw the ball with power to put it in the set point. Like 10,20 or 30 feets.

Product description. 

This is the perfect sport for dogs. Dogs love this game, which is catching the ball thrown by the owner. Now dogs can play this automatically with this ball launcher which can throw the ball at some distance with power. And the dog runs to catch it. It will be helpful for dogs’ physical and mental health. Physically dogs stay active and mentally they are in a happy mood. 

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