3-Tier Wire Cat Cage Playpen Kennel

About this product.

Today we have an amazing product for pets. Yes this is for cats. Cats are the most loved pet in every home. For which we need some product to take care of them. This is the 3 tier wire cat cage playpen kennel. It is a very good cage for cats to live  in or to play with it. This product is made up of high quality plastic which is long lasting and the design of the cage is attractive. 

This product is specially designed for cats, and used as a playpen. Cats love to have such products. The quality of the cage is very high which is durable and safe for cats. It comes in the dimensions 51″L x 22″W x 36″H, and is a very lightweight product. 

More details.

  • Tall 3 tier cat cage playpen is the safest place for cats to have rest and play.
  • This is made of steel and plastic which have a very fine quality and rust resistance.
  • There are 3 shelves in it which can have more cats.
  • It comes with a door on each shelf in the front.
  • It is portable because of the wheels on the bottom of it.
  • In each cage there is a plastic floor which is comfortable for cats.
  • We can move it anywhere.

Product description.

This is an amazing and stylish cage all cat lovers should have in their homes. It comes in the best quality which is long lasting and easy to maintain. Cleaning the cage is very easy in sample steps. There is a lock on doors which can help us to lock the pets. 




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