Simple Human Slim Hands-Free Kitchen Step Trash Can

About this product.

Here is another trash can having a capacity of 12 gallons. Is the most compact and stylish product which is used in kitchen, room and office for garbage and waste. Store bags can be placed inside the bin which can be taken off and replaced with the new bag easily. This product of brand simple human, comes with the best material and quality. It is made of  stainless steel. Bin can be opened by pushing with your foot. Shape of the bin is oval and weighs 11 pounds. Dimensions of the trash can are 24.5″L x 10.2″W x 21.5″H.

The most modern and stylish trash can with the slim design to take low space in the kitchen. Stainless steel is always preferred because it never has stains on it which feel awkward. We can place plastic bags in it in a very simple way. Smell free environment in the kitchen this bin is air tight so that the smell from garbage dont come out. This product is long lasting and strong which can be used for many years. The lid opens and closes soundless which is an amazing feature of it. 

More details of the product.

The best quality material is used in it. Which makes the product strong and long lasting. Because of its compact size it is easy to place it anywhere. No stains on it and spots which give an ugly look to the kitchen. 

This slim product is best for your home and kitchen. Buy it and have a great experience. 


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