TOSHIBA Microwave Ovens

About this Item.

When we think about the kitchen, the microwave is the most important equipment in the kitchen. Nowadays, microwave ovens have become the need and the trend in the kitchen. This can be used for cooking and baking many delicious foods in the kitchen. This microwave oven is the brand Toshiba which is a very well known brand in the world of electric appliances. This comes with the smarts sensors and 12 auto modes in it which will help us to make quick food by itself. We just need to put the ingredient in it and then select the mode which is needed then it starts work. It is very easy to use and cleaning the oven from inside is very simple. 

Some of the technical details are that the brand is Toshiba and its dimensions are 17.1″D x 20.5″W x 12.8″H. Color of the oven is black and it comes with the stainless steel material which gives it an attractive look. Capacity of the oven is 1.2 cubic feet. There are different modes and sensors in it which make the oven smart. We can use it for baking cakes, pizza, and vegetables. As it is an eclectic device so the power needed is 1100 watts. 

Some more details of the product.

There is pre pre-programmed menu in it which will help us to quickly start and manage the heat and time for the specific item. It comes with the large capacity in which we can even make 12’’ of pizza which is more than enough for home use. When it comes to the style and the modern design the Toshiba completes the requirement of current generation in all aspects. There is also a manual timer in which we can warm our food by setting time by yourself. There is a large digital display on it from which we can set the time and select the auto mode for the food. All microwaves have a buzzer in it which alerts you the finish time for food but in this oven can mute the buzzer. 

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